ah.im in a good mood
2004-03-08 - 10:00 p.m.

i went to NH. it wuz sooo awesome.

i think im gonna move there. The kingstons all looooove me, and they have an apartment. I think i'm gonna live there ;-).

hopefully get married tho to someone......ahemERICahem

they call eric and i an old married couple. And then..we were sittin watching tv 2gether..and then they told us we were "two peas in a pod" or w/e. Hez really nice. AND he can COOK!

but they made me sing outloud. I wuz happy 2 do it tho. but they told me i had a beautiful voice. They were goin nutzo with it. So yea...i hope thatz a good thing.

i went skiing tho. I swear..their green circles r like our black diamonds. It wuz really kewl...but hard...i definatly fell a couple of times.

Then...2day we went outside and had a snowball fight. Then it wuz "try 2 tackle eric". Hez really strong! then he liked tackled me like...10 times!

i wuz definatly sad tho when we left. I'm hopin tho that they're gonna come on down soon 2 visit us. hmph (hehe)

i think thatz it. I think im gonna email him!


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