im baaaaack from flordai
2004-01-02 - 10:10 p.m.

Hey everybodies

I just got back from flordia. It wuz soooo awesome. i had sooo much fun. We won like 10 freakin awards, aka-over all first place. But then, we didnt get to play in pregame cuz of one freakin half point. WTF?!? I mean..the other team won the field show, we won the field show and parade put together. It wuz sooo screwed up! They beat us by 1/2 point. Can u tell im still a lil angry?

So herez mai list of things i've done:

monday- we got 2 jacksonville and chilled at the hotel.

tuesday-we woke up at 7:30 (i think) and had practice. We then did competition and kicked bootay!

wedsday- we woke up at 6:30 (i think) and we had practices for the parade which really sucked. ya know..the flutes we gettin attitudes with our schools flutes. they said BAND HUT and the flutes didnt do anything. So our flutes stood in attention so they called our flutes snots and bitches and stuff. Stupid people that r jelous. Then we went to the parade which sucked for me. Then we went to the new years eve party bout how we did in competition then yea..danced.

thursday- we woke up at 5:30 and went straight to the stadium. we practiced half time and did this whole banner thing for pregame. Um...half time sucked. NOBODY sounded good and guard doesnt kno how to count (xcept hylton), then we ate out at golden coral cuz we made this reservation for 2 buses to come in and have dinner at joes crab shack, so 2 buses came and took our spot. I HATE OTHER SCHOOLS!

friday- woke up first at 6:30, suppose to go 2 breakfast at 7, but fell back 2 sleep and got a phone call at 730 wonderin where we were. So we just ran and got ready, having no breakfast. And got back home.

So there u r kiddies. I swear tho, i luv mr.brown (our marching band director/teacher/whatever u call em). I found out how had we were worked really does pay off. Now we are more mature, disciplined which really is good to c people that arent compared 2 ourselves. Then he yelled SWEET after competion cuz we did so good. Then he told us the guard "sizzled". Isnt that great?!?

There wuz this clone band called the bees. they were sooo weird. The whole guard had their hair cut the same exact way and were the same weight. mai friend asked if they cut their hair and this ditzy girl wuz like "oh yea...we had to. First like mai hair wuz down to here, but then i like totally cut it". hmm..coughPREPPYcough.

I LUV rooming with people i like. Allison, Carrie and Ally were sooo great. I luv them to peices. We had sooo much fun. We definatly missed sarah tho.

My dance items looked great. Allison let me borrow jewlery and ally did mai hair realy nice. Mai hair was down, in a messy half pony tail and had a messy bun on the top. Mai friends actually told me i looked pretty. It really felt good cuz..well i really dont think i am, but i like hearing it, and hopefully one day ill actually believe it (once i lose weight)

New years resolution:

Lose 30 lbs. I will do it sometime.


Become an all around sweet/nice person that people love.

So flordia wuz all around great. It wuz sooo purty! I luved it. It wuz such a great experience. Hopefully the flordia trip to chorus will be that good. But i dont think it will, if wonderin why, look in one of mai past entries. It talks bout a guy named AJ.

Itz weird thinking marching band is totally over. It wuz the best year. I look back at myself and i find that i've changed soooo much. I dont kno how, maybe im less concerned bout how i look and more concerned bout if im a good person. I dunno, i feel like people who are all around sweet and nice end up feeling happy.

Got closer 2 people:



3)ashley, we were alwayz friends, but i feel like we've been better friends

4)Jimmy (kinda), OMG that boy is sooo cute..but people say that he acts like he has a stick up his butt and is mean. I dunno. he gave me a hug on new years. I wuz like "what no high five" he wuz like "high five? how bout a hug?" oh baby, that boy is cute!

people i know i cant stand:

1)jessica, UGH!

2)laura, i've tried bein her friend, but she just doesnt wanna be mai friend

3)laura z, what a jerk. she totally made up lies and now mai friend may be gettin a referral.

I cant beleive itz the last marching band thing (i think i've said that) but i really cant beleive that im gonna be a senior/ maybe guard co captain next year. Im gonna be the leader and crying that itz over. wow.

So im done, im tired..i need sleep, but not goin 2 bed cuz wiht it bein saturday and last sleep in day till school. I really dont wanna go. Im sooo tired. So night night everyone.

what a great expeirience tho, i cant get over it!


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